Something about our projects

We want to emphasize that customer discretion comes first. Accordingly, we do not practice disclosing information about our customers' names or their products.

In a personal interview, we can show you some examples of our code and our technical solutions, in order to exhibit what we can do for you.

Through experience, we have come across both local and multi-lingual, multi-domain projects covering Europe, Canada, and the USA, etc.

Our clients are most often project owners who have succeeded in the business but have touched the technical limit of the application, which hinders further develop ment. This is where our experience comes to the stage. Step by step we optimize your application until it is able to market your BUSINESS IDEA globally without technical limits.

Startups are our specialty. We have several startups behind us which we set up from the very beginning and on sound technical bases. Those startups have been working with much success.

One very important fact about us is that we are not an agency we are not selling people to you we are a team of developers working together.

Let's start{code}