about us

Only senior developers

Only senior developers will work with you. Projects very often bring in 90% of progress, but they NEVER result in 100%. This is precisely the reason behind our 80-20 concept. We provide 80% of seniors for you and 20% of middle developers. This is a proven concept on big large scale projects. Only with the 80-20 concept can 100% be obtained.


A client works with the team

Here at start code, all of our engagement are high-touch and collaborative. We do not bottleneck communication through a Project Manager or an Account Manager. Instead, every client has direct access to their team within startcode via Slack, JIRA and Zoom. Organizing engagement in this way allows our team to develop deep, personal connections with our clients, understand how to best engage their stakeholders and ultimately, build empathy for their users.

Prototypes, not presentations

We do not create presentations, we create prototypes, MVP and final products. We’re a team of Project Manager, Designers and Engineers that love building digital products with organizations doing work that matters. We excel at communications and thrive on collaboration. We love helping clients tackle challenges big and small.


Stable, fast and proper work

Our job is to develop a 100% successful application, which is scalable and agile to accommodate every new market request. We ensure that our products work with 99% uptime and are quickly displayed on all devices.

Specialization in

startup development

We are a skilled team of software engineers with more than 15 years of experience in development. We are specialized in startup development. There are many successful projects in our portfolio. Some of them we developed from scratch, some of them we bring from dead march to success. Our projects are leading in the area of social networks, medical facilities, and financial institutions.

Deliver a project

from end-to-end

We are able to deliver a project from end-to-end, take over a legacy project and improve it, as well as cooperate with different teams. start{code} team has a lot of experience with large scale applications. We also developed a large White Label dating platform from scratch with more than one hundred sites working on the same engine. The platform supported more than 30 million users and dozens of millions of requests per day. We ensured its working with 99% UPTIME.