we are ready

for all challenges!

About us

Who We Are

1. A skilled team of software engineers with more than 15 years of experience

2. We have many successful projects

3. We cover Front-end, Back-end, Project Management, QA

Contact Us If

1. You are startup beginners

2. You have issues with the existing application
(develop from the scratch or refactor and bring from dead march to success)

3. You want to rebuild your application

Why Us?

1. We work on a large scale application
(dozens of millions of users, millions of requests per day)

2. We are able to deliver a project from end-to-end

3. We provide a software with 100% uptime

4. Following best practices Microservices Architecture, DDD Methodologies


we follow the best

Practices and Methodologies

Agile Software Development

Domain Driven Design

Test Driven Development

Behavior Driven Development

Service Oriented Architecture

Microservice Architecture

Big Data

Continuous Integration

Continuous Delivery


We are not an AGENCY!

What We Do